I’m Oliver Moinet, illustrator and designer based in the Cotswolds. I specialise in original brand identities and hand lettering.
I have a strong desire to help businesses find their potential with the right bespoke branding and look. Design doesn’t need to be intimidating or stuffy when it can be relaxed and creative. To this end, I prefer to take a more artistic approach towards graphic design, letting the creativity flow and the visuals sing loud.
Since my graduation from Falmouth UC in Illustration I have resisted the temptation to work for big corporate design agencies allowing me to create my own path as a freelance designer. Learning on the job has effectively turned me into a one man design agency. I can therefore provide a unique and personal service throughout an entire project. During the last 3072 days of looking for new ways to create I have developed a wide and diverse range of skills, which allows me to design any identity from the ground up so I’m the only person you ever need to call.
In my portfolio I showcase a range of different projects from client case studies to personally inspired artwork. Showing my ability in both traditional and digital skills in range of different styles.
So if you think you might need a new designer or you have an exciting project that needs a fresh professional look, then don’t hesitate to get in touch for a chat. I’m always ready for a challenge.
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